17-18 Board of Directors Candidates

The election of Directors to the ASCA Board is coming up this summer!
Here are your candidates (choose 3):
Judy Boone
Liz Busquets
Denise Creelman
Pete Dolan
Carol Gerken
Luc Goossens
Preston Kissman
Leah Swatko
Rachel Vest
Jan Wesen
You can read through their Candidate Inquiry forms online ( http://www.asca.org/home/about-asca/board-of-directors/2017-2017-board-of-director-candidates/ ) or in the May/June issue of the Aussie Times.
Foreign ballots are mailed out on May 1; US ballots are mailed out on May 15. All ballots are due in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked) or filled out online by July 15. Results will be announced by July 20, and officially at the 2017 General Membership Meeting.


Kalla E. Jaco
Executive Secretary | asca.execsec@gmail.com