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The following health-related handouts were provided by C.A. Sharp, editor and publisher of the Double Helix Network News, and the ASCA DNA Committee to the ASCA membership at the 1999 ASCA National Specialty.  They are provided here as additional reference material regarding Aussie Health and Genetics.


Permission is granted to ASCA Affiliate Clubs to include these articles in their newsletters or educational displays providing credit is given to the author.  C.A. may be reached via e-mail by clicking here



Color Eyes
Other Health Certification
Color Dilution & Dilution Spots Cataracts in Aussies Bad Bites & Missing Teeth Canine Hip Dysplasia
Phantom Merles Collie Eye Anolomy Mange Eyes and CERF
Blue Eyes in non-Merles PPM Clean Genetic Lines
What's wrong with White Aussies? PDA  
Sable and Yellow   Epilepsy  
Pigment & Deafness   Pelger-Huet Anomaly  
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