2017 – 2018 Board of Director Candidates

Judy Boone
I would consider myself an asset to the ASCA Board of Directors because I would bring a fresh perspective. I have also worked closely with the Business Office and understand some of the challenges they face in supporting the programs and registry. I have participated in almost all the programs ASCA has to offer, giving me a very broad perspective of our programs.
Lizette BusquetsDuring most of my professional and academic career, I have been involved in work that required cooperation and teamwork. I have great communication skills and work well in a team situation. Challenges need to be met in an analytical, rational manner, and I think my experience can be helpful in meeting any challenges that the Board may encounter.
Denise CreelmanI can use my experience, knowledge and objectivity to make good decisions, solve problems and
listen to the membership. I have been the Show/trial secretary and Course director of every
venue which gives me clear insight to organizing all types of ASCA activities.
Peter Dolan I have extensive leadership experience accumulated during a 30 year Navy career including a five and a half years commanding a nuclear submarine, in business as purchasing manager for an employee-owned defense contractor, and in volunteer positions. I am accustomed to multi-tasking, managing a variety of complex projects simultaneously. I was heavily involved in fiscal management and budgeting during my military and civilian careers. As a competitor in all but two of ASCA’s programs I am well versed in program rules and regulations, having the ability to understand and monitor program committee proposed improvements. I have an extensive knowledge of the processes and procedures used to operate ASCA and provide membership services
Carol GerkenI would be an asset to the Board of Directors because I am a fair and honest person that is willing to consider all sides to a topic. In my career experience, I have learned to excel as a team player. I am in touch with the membership at a grass roots level and would bring the general membership’s perspective to the Board.
Luc GoossensI hope to bring an ability to listen and to create ,a good futher for ASCA. I’m willing to work together with other board directors, In all honsty and open minded for all menbers/programs.
Preston KissmanI have served on and led various technical, community, charitable and religious boards over the last 30 years. From experience and training, I understand how these boards function. I am a problem solver, both technical and social. I would never take action on my own feelings to the detriment of ASCA. I have a passionate appreciation of the Australian Shepherd and its abilities to be both, an inherent working partner as well as a valued family member.
Leah SwatkoI have a diverse education gained over decades. I am a Life long learner every day I learn something new, then I have a large list of interests. I have worked non traditional jobs most of my life. I operated a small mixed farm including market hogs, dairy goats, sheep, horses including training my own and others. I have a good understanding of contract language, conflict resolution, and a working knowledge of more work environments than many.
Rachel Vest Would be an asset to ASCA due to the ability to work well in a team environment, possess good communication skills, accomplishment-drive, with an excellent business/work ethic. Long-term ASCA member who believes that the BOD is responsible for setting the tone for the organization.
Jan WesenI have a well rounded background in the programs of ASCA. I believe in the Versatile Aussie and making sure that all parts of the ASCA program can be the best that they can be. Work to communicate with other board members and ASCA members to develop solutions that will promote the Australian Shepherd.
Judy Boone
My goals for my term on the Board are to promote ASCA programs and expand their appeal to competitors new to that program – basically getting people to try and remain ASCA competitors. A healthy competitor base translates to increased revenue, allowing ASCA to better serve its members. As an agility judge, competitor and agility committee member, I hope to help the other directors more fully understand the agility program.
Lizette BusquetsI would like to encourage better communication between the membership and the committees and the Board. Transparency is extremely important. There are some programs in ASCA that need some additional attention, the Altered and Obedience programs, for example. I think that the Working Committee has done a wonderful job in the past few years and I would like to help that trend continue.
Denise CreelmanMy goal is to bring proactive and profitable events to our organization. I would like to see new
venues come to fruition. I want the membership to realize that the board works for them by
listening to their suggestions
Peter DolanI hope to encourage an atmosphere of respect and civility in member/board/committee interactions; and to provide the membership with honest, timely, accurate information and service. Additionally, I want to contribute to the continuing improvement in Business Office services to the membership and document office operational methods and procedures to make new employee transitions easier for both the employee and the membership.
Carol GerkenI would promote an attitude of transparency to the membership so that even the newest member would be comfortable with the channel of communication to the board members. I would like to work with my fellow directors to promote all ASCA programs to new Aussie owners. I would work toward achieving name branding for national/international sponsorships of all programs. That level of recognition would be beneficial in promoting the Australian Shepherd as well as contribute to ASCA’s financial stability.
Luc GoossensHope to be part to create a stronger ASCA In each way for members,our breed .
and get good clarity in all the rules .
Preston KissmanI will work to improve the functioning of the ASCA Board, the ASCA Committees and the ASCA Business Office. These organizations run ASCA’s business. They must have the best leadership, membership and equipment to do their jobs properly. I will work to make ASCA and its activities (meetings, competitions, awards, etc) an opportunity for its membership to have FUN.
Leah SwatkoFacilitate the smooth running of ASCA; facilitate the activities that ASCA promotes in all programs. Do my best to keep abreast of any legal challenges that may affect ASCA and the Australian Shepherd and where possible work on resolutions that meet the directives of ASCA.
Rachel VestTo assist with the completion of the System Upgrade. To provide the membership and potential new members with a website that is inviting, easy to use, informative, and that provides the on-line capabilities to meet their needs. Would like to assist with moving towards the revolving sites for Natls/Finals as per the Membership survey. To remain neutral and open regarding how to best serve the ASCA BOD.
Jan WesenI will continue the work positivity with the other board members and ASCA members to reach a stronger ASCA program financially and structurally.
Judy Boone
I have been a business owner and have dealt with employees and all that goes with them – taxes, benefits, etc. I have also worked for large corporations in the medical field; working within the system in smaller groups to accomplish goals. Working with this diverse background will allow me to offer different perspectives to help solve issues and problems within ASCA.
Lizette BusquetsI have no direct experience in running a business. However, my experience working in situations that require attention to detail, rational analysis of problems, and willingness to listen will make me a productive member of the Board. Also, my ability to balance different people’s needs and priorities may aid in resolving conflict and making decisions that are of benefit to ASCA and the Australian Shepherd.
Denise CreelmanI have run a successful business of my own for 34 years. I know how important it is to budget,
set goals, set time lines, and provide excellent customer service. I have held leadership
positions in other not for profit organizations that helped me develop communication skills to
bring participation and support from our community and outside sources.
Peter DolanMy ability to budget, plan, and execute, plus my extensive ASCA committee experience and my recent positions as ASCA Secretary, ASCA Treasurer, ASCA President and Executive Secretary put me in a position to continue to serve ASCA in a forward looking way.
Carol GerkenGrowing up on a farm has instilled in me an honest, no excuses work ethic. My extensive background in management and the leadership required in those positions has given me a wealth of service oriented skills. Working with people of all ages and from all walks of life has given me a large pool of life experience to draw from. All of these experiences will assist me in my position as a Director for ASCA.
Luc GoossensWill stand open for everyone ,talking and listing to the needs. Founder of different Clubs
helps to understand and trying to find the best solutions in constructive way.
Preston KissmanI have served on several not-for-profit business boards including the American Theater of Tulsa, the Tulsa Junior College Foundation and the Red Cross. I have also served on and led several boards with the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. I believe that I have a clear understanding about the importance of following the rules concerning not-for-profit businesses.
Leah SwatkoI function well in both a team and individual working environment. I have an excellent work ethic which has kept me actively involved in numerous volunteer and paying endeavors including but not limited to self employment, farming, serving on numerous dog related club BODs. Working in a unionized environment and acting as Shop Steward, Joint Health and Safety (Worker Rep), Chief Steward, Strike Captain. I also hold and or held Licenses as a Weather Observer and backup Airport Manager (Small remote air field north of Lake Superior) Heavy Equipment Operator, Gas Fitter, Oil Burner Mechanic, Security Guard at a Uranium mine, Lumber Grader and a Diploma in Graphic Design and 6 University credits towards Gen Ag. I have taken numerous courses in gun safety, dog language, behavior, aggression, and behavior modification, physical conditioning and scent detection/tracking. I have operated my own businesses, home renovations, farming, horse training, dog grooming, vintage clothing and freelance design and writing. I have won a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America and continue to write short stories plus enjoy painting and photography. Cambrian College purchased two of my paintings for their private collection. I have no problem speaking in public and have done presentations to educators with over 300 attendees answering questions about women working in Non Traditional Occupations.
Rachel VestPossess sound business knowledge that will help to maintain ASCA’s financial stability while supporting the diversity within the ASCA Membership.
Jan WesenAs a Dairy Farmer, working in a family operation, we have to make hard decisions, as a family to make things work financially. I will make the tough decisions to make ASCA financial strong for the benefit of the Australian Shepherd working as a team.
Judy Boone
I would like to see ASCA honor its working dog heritage while embracing the modern diversity of our breed
Lizette BusquetsThe new website and online service have made ASCA more modern and efficient and I would like to see that trend continue. There are certain items that should be resolved soon: decisions regarding permanent sites for Nationals, Judges’ Education (I still think this needs great improvement!), for example. These are issues that have been discussed in some way or another for two decades. ASCA needs to become more efficient in resolving issues like this. Also, ASCA is a member-driven organization. Our Executive Secretary, Ms. Kalla Jaco, has done a terrific job in making sure that anything we send gets to the Board. However, I think that more opportunities for face to face interaction between members of the Board and the membership would be beneficial. Board members tend to live in regions with a lot of ASCA activity and are members of affiliate clubs. Each member of the Board could, for example, hold sort of a “town hall” meeting with members at least once a year. This could be done during a big show/trial weekend, for example. In this manner, members get to voice concerns face to face in an informal manner.
Denise CreelmanI would like to see ASCA take an aggressive approach in adding more venues that increase participation of all ages. I see ASCA improving the technological advances in their systems and I would encourage continuing this direction.
Peter DolanAlthough ASCA is defined as a 501c7 social club and therefore somewhat restricted in terms of its operation, I believe it must be operated according to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as a member owned business. As a member owned business I would place emphasis on fiscal responsibility, factual, real-time communication between the Board of Directors and membership, and a professional leadership atmosphere.
Carol GerkenWhile you cannot please all the people all of the time, I would like ASCA to run at a level that the general membership would feel represented them, and that they would be proud to be a part of the organization. I believe that with the right leadership, ASCA can move forward from the dog club image it has to become a “branded” professional breed registry with worldwide recognition.
Luc GoossensTo see ASCA moving a head bringing good services to our members,to preserve our breed But be open minded to new programs/services to have growth.
Preston KissmanI would like ASCA to be an organization where its membership has FUN, where individual members would work to support each other, even during competition. I would like ASCA to be an organization whose membership never places themselves above the importance of ASCA.
Leah SwatkoASCA needs to be able to adapt to the changing world as it applies to Dogs, such as the changing legal landscape on an international basis. Facing challenges from the Animal Rights people, local, federal, and international restrictions which are changing the landscape of the dog world, breeders, ownership, and rights to own and pursue activities with our dogs. ASCA must be proactive and have a presence at the table of change, while adhering to the vision of the founders of ASCA and the Australian Shepherd.
Rachel VestFor ASCA to remain as an organization that is inviting and enjoyable to the Membership while growing venues that support the Australian Shepherd as versatile working dog. To use the survey process to better obtain information from the Membership regarding their vision for ASCA’s future.
Jan WesenBoard of Directors set the policy as a group, as a member of the board of directors, I will work to set directives to make the breed better. I do believe that better communication with membership is important for the long term benefit of the breed.
Judy Boone
I have served on the Agility committee for the last 6 years and have been the Chair for the last 3 years. As an ASCA Supervising Agility judge and Course Reviewer, I have helped judges hone their skills to make them better judges.
Lizette BusquetsServed in the DNA committee for two years. Assisted with the Australian Shepherd Cancer Survey that ASHGI conducted.
Denise CreelmanI have been judging Aussies since the 1980’s and I am a Senior Breeder Judge. I have judged several National Pre shows and National Specialty events. I was a judge of the second Conformation Finals. I was an original member on the Conformation Committee and served 10 years. I have been the National Show Chairperson at 3 National Specialties and will be the Show Chairperson again in 2019.
Peter DolanI spent 8 years on the Agility Committee including one year as committee chair during termination of NADAC dual sanctioning. I also served for two years on the MVA committee. In 2007 I rejoined the Agility Committee and became a charter member of the Nationals Committee. I served as the National Specialty Chair for the ASCA 2007 Golden Jubilee National Specialty. I served for two years as ASCA Secretary, two years as ASCA Treasurer, one year as ASCA President, and six months as Executive Secretary. I served on the DNA Committee and served a short stint on the Stockdog Committee.
Carol GerkenIt would be an honor to be on the Board and be a servant leader for ASCA. In the past my participation with ASCA at the national level has included being a volunteer for the DNA/genetic testing blood draw at the ASCA Nationals, and applying to participate on the DNA committee and the Stockdog committee.
Luc GoossensThats the hard one for newby’s but i did work for the conformation committee and now starting up the new european committee.
Preston KissmanI served on the ASCA Board from 2013 to 2016 and have since been appointed to fill a term ending in the fall of 2017. I have served on the Stockdog Committee and have been its chair. I have worked on the National Specialty and served as its Finals Course Director. I have judged herding trials for 25 years including Nationals and Finals.
Leah SwatkoIn my work life I have been Worker Safety Rep for 280 men (I was the first full time female employee in the history of the company). I was Strike Captain on the first day of the first strike in the history of the company. Logging trucks backed up for a mile, police presence which kept looking over me to find the man who was Strike Captain. That was a memorable day! As Joint Health and Safety rep I documented accidents, worked with the Union and Company to address safety issues as they pertain to the Occupational Health and Safety Act for Industrial locations, plus worked my regular shifts. I have sat on the Board of numerous dog clubs both CKC and ASCA. My involvement with ASCA Committees started with the Obedience Committee, during my time we developed the Obedience Finals and I was the first Canadian to compete coming 7th in Open. During my time on the Bylaw Committee, worked to develop the Foreign Registry to allow dogs back in to ASCA. While on the Conformation Committee I was an active participant in all activities of the Committee. I am currently active on the Rally and Tracking Committees.
Rachel VestASCA BOD member for full term, Stock Dog Committee members for several years.
Jan WesenI have attended nationals since 1998. I am the ASCA Treasurer Chairperson of the Stockdog Committee 2014, Chairperson of the MVA committee since 2010 to 2013. Have been member of the Tracking committee, Member of the Stockdog committee as a judge. I am a Judge in Obedience, Tracking, Stockdog , Apprentice Rally and Agility judge. Chaired National Tracking in 1998 when Nationals were in WA.
Judy Boone
In affiliate clubs, I have served in all positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Director, Affiliate Rep and Show Coordinator in 3 different affiliates in California and Utah. I am currently on the Board of the Lake Havasu ASC.
Lizette BusquetsI have served as affiliate representative, treasurer, show coordinator. I have worked numerous times as show secretary, table and ring steward, course director, stock handler, timer. I’m also an ASCA Provisional Breeder Judge and ASCA Obedience Judge through Open.
Denise CreelmanI founded Central Valley Australian Shepherd Club in 1976. I have been President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Affiliate Representative or on the Board of Directors every year. I have been Show Secretary, Ring Steward, Stockdog Course Director, Obedience Chair and Show Coordinator, countless times on an annual basis. I currently serve as President of CVASC.
Peter DolanI served as Vice-president of the Australian Shepherd Club of New England (ASCNE) for six years. We have a membership of 250. I served six years as ASCNE Treasurer. I served as ASCNE’s Stockdog Trial Coordinator. After two years I turned over editorship of the New England Aussie, ASCNE’s bi-monthly newsletter to a new editor. I continue to serve as the club’s alternate web master. I have held various show/trial positions including trial chair and secretary, steward, agility course builder, and stock handler. In 2008, Sheila and I received a Lifetime Honorary ASCNE Membership for our service to the Club.
Carol GerkenI am a founding member of the Treasure Valley ASC and am currently the treasurer. I am also a working member of the Three Rivers Working ASA. I have planned and executed educational programs for TVASC, and have participated in the hosting of ASCA sanctioned events for both clubs.
Luc GoossensI ‘m one of the founding member of Lowlands asc and Belgium asc Currently i’m President for lowlandsasc but what this mean is you have to do it all together with your board and members to put up nice asca events.And to create a good atmosphere so we all can enjoy our beloved breed.
Preston KissmanI am one of the founding members of the Lone Star ASC and the Central Texas Working ASC. I have held various leadership positions with these affiliates including the one I hold now as vice president for the Cen-Tex. I have served as course director for multiple working trials.
Leah SwatkoI started with TASC in the early 90s as Newsletter Editor, then VASE (now closed) President, Vice President, and Affiliate Rep. Currently I am the Vice President of COASC and the Affiliate Rep. and a member of ASC of MI.
Rachel Vest2nd VP for ASCA BOD for 1 term, President for GAASC for 1 term, VP and BOD member for GAASC for several yrs, SEASC BOD member.
Jan WesenI have been member of ASC of WA since 1986, member of Treasure Valley ASA, ASC of Maine, Three Rivers ASCA have served on many positions in the club. President, Vice President, Secretary, Board Member at Large, Course Director, Show Secretary, Newsletter editor, Chairperson of Stockdog Trial, Chairperson of Tracking, Obedience and Conformation Show and education events.