Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year ASCA may recognize a person or persons who have contributed to the breed and/or ASCA in an outstanding manner.  The History Committee holds responsibility for designating the person/persons prior to the spring Board of Directors meeting each year.  If such a presentation is made, the Board of Directors will discuss and vote on the nominee(s) at the spring meeting. If the spring Board of Directors meeting is not held, voting will be made by conference call or email.

The announcement of a Lifetime Achievement Award is made by the History Committee who is responsible for honoring the designated person(s) in the September/October issue of the Aussie Times.  The presentation is made in the Aussie Times as a full page black and white announcement.

As a further method of honoring the designated person(s), the designee(s) are presented to all attending the Nationals Banquet, if the honoree(s) wish to attend.  The recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award also are given a Lifetime Membership to ASCA and receive and a free one (1) year subscription to the Aussie Times.

After the year of free Aussie Times, the honoree(s) will be sent a renewal notice letting them know their issues of the Aussie Times will cease being delivered. The notice will give the lifetime member(s) the option of renewing the subscription to the Aussie Times for the current fee, if the lifetime member(s) wish(es) to renew.

Past recipients of the ASCA Lifetime Achievement Award

Bern and Jan Pierson
Bob and Jean Carrillo
Phillip Windhagen
Nick Davis
Chic Acierto
Ralph Swingle
Ernie & Elaine Hartnagle
2006 Walter Lamar
2007 CA Sharp
2008 Jo and George Kimes
2009 Jerry & Sharon Rowe
2010 Robert Kline, DVM
2011 Marcia Bain
2012 Brad and Kathy Warren
2013 Ann DeChant
2014 Terry Martin
2015 Linda Gray
2016 Richard Pittman