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Updated 7/20/17
Board Directive to the Stockdog Committee concerning the Intro to Stock Event
ASCA-L – what to do with it. The discussion so far has revolved around whether it is a legal liability and whether it is a positive thing for our culture. We are discussing whether to 1) take our name off of the list and remove it as an official communication tool but leave it for member discussion, 2) leave it as it is, and 3) moderate it.
Modification to our Dog Aggression Rules 
Our new system update – we are currently in a six month hold while we assess where we are and what our next steps should be.
West Coast Nationals Site – We are looking into a site in Oregon and will bring information to the August meeting; we will need to compare this site to Bakersfield. 
Nationals Consortium Application
Membership Retention Survey – we used to do this and we want to do this again. 


The Agility committee will be working on Judge education.
These are the five items the current CC will be working on;
Conformation finals judge draw

Update judge’s books to take care of inconsistencies

Update Breeder Judge requirements

Update 7.6 and 9,10

Online Judge Education, Judge test

As always the CC is open to any suggestions and comments from the membership.

Updated 7/20/17
Greetings from the DNA Committee! 

The DNA committee regretfully announces the resignation of Tanya Johnson.  Due to changes in her work schedule, Tanya no longer has the time available to work on our committee.  Thank you, Tanya, for your years of work on this committee.  It is truly appreciated.

We are currently starting to work on an educational pamphlet for nationals.  Some of the items to be included in this pamphlet are the why DNA parentage is important. The different ways of collection of DNA and how to avoid problems with DNA collection and submission.  How the DNA test works to identify parentage.  If there is an area that you would like to see covered, please email me at or bring it to the attention of a committee member and we will see if it can be included.

Our annual blood draw at 2017 nationals will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 31st from 9 a.m. to 12 in conjunction with ASHGI.  We will keep you posted on the location.

As always, we are open to membership questions, concerns or ideas. Several members of our committee will be at the ASCA nationals in TX and they would love to hear from you.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in TX

The Dock Jumping Committee is working on finalizing our rules and getting the rest of the forms finished up. 
HOF is working on verifying ODX addition to HOF is correctly represented in rule book.
Working on adding Stock and Agility programs to the Jr Awards. 
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“NAIA announces a victory in New Jersey. Governor Christie has vetoed SB63 pertaining to dog breeding and sourcing. The bill has been returned to the legislature.”

May 1, 2017

It has been an incredibly long and arduous fight, but we are proud to announce that the bill formerly known as New Jersey SB 63 pertaining to dog breeding and sourcing has finally been conditionally vetoed! Kudos and huge thanks to NAIA Board Members Barbara Reichman and Julian Prager for their hard work and incredible commitment to this fight, combined with all of YOU who took the time to make your voices heard. Thanks to Governor Chris Christie and his staff for listening to our concerns and doing the research necessary to understand the complexity of the issues and make the appropriate changes. As of May 1, Governor Christie has returned the bill to the legislature with the changes we and the rest of the stakeholders had requested.

The bill has taken a long and winding road with many twists and turns, beginning as legislation to force pet stores to source only from shelters and rescues then dropping that requirement (thanks in large part to our input) and morphing into a bill that would treat hobby breeders as commercial breeders. The bill has gone through several different forms and bill numbers, the last version that was presented to the Governor being S3041. It was a much better version than what we started with but was still damaging and would still treat small hobby breeders as pet dealers and all the unrealistic requirements that would entail.

We at NAIA Trust have been working hard to unravel the confusion and keep you abreast to help you efficiently take action. NAIA Board Members Barbara Reichman and Julian Prager have worked directly with legislators throughout this entire process, right up to the Governor’s office. They have devoted countless hours drafting proposed amendments and positions, developing relationships, and communicating our concerns to protect breeders and owners. Between their work and the flood of calls to the Governor’s desk, we have finally succeeded!

Gov. Christie agreed with us in his conditional veto of the bill; he stated that while he commended the efforts to protect New Jersey pet purchasers, aspects of the bill went too far. “The bill would also have the unintended consequence of restricting consumer access to pets, even from responsible breeders,” stated Gov. Christie in his veto. He is definitely a friend to responsible dog breeders; he GETS it. He also made sure to get rid of all of the awful animal rights propaganda that was included in the recitals and findings to the bill. Some of the important changes he has made include:

  • Both the definition of “breeder” and “pet dealer” were changed to only apply to USDA licensed breeders, so in essence pet shops would be required to purchase from USDA licensed breeders (as they are now), and small at-home breeders are left out of the unrealistic requirements as we wanted.
  • The attempt to regulate out of state pet sellers has been removed.
  • The inclusion of anyone selling more than 10 dogs or cats in the state of New Jersey has been removed from the definition of pet dealers.
  • The bill previously prohibited pet shops from obtaining animals from breeders that had three or more USDA citations; this was replaced with “3 or more separate, final, and conclusive orders for violations.”

So, what happens next?

While this conditional veto represents a major battle won, the war is not over yet. The veto still has to go back to the legislature. The legislature can either accept the veto, do nothing (which means it will die), or they can attempt to override it. An override would require 27 votes in the Senate, and that never happened under 8 years of Gov. Christie.

Because the conditional veto will go back to the legislature, we will still need your support and help to ensure that Gov. Christie’s partial veto is accepted. Simply make sure you are signed up to follow NAIA Trust and will receive our alerts. Following NAIA Trust is easy and will keep you up-to-date on legislative issues like this one that affect you and your animals. If you haven’t signed up for NAIA Trust yet, you are missing out. We have made many improvements to our site to make it easier to understand the issues and taking action is as easy is clicking a button if you make sure to check “remember me” when you sign up for our alerts. Sign up here today to be a part of future victories like this momentous one in New Jersey!

The MVA Committee is currently working on further defining/clarifying the rules around who may show to or what dogs may be shown to the MVA Evaluation Judge. This has been an area of gray in the past for competitors, so trying to define and clarify. We’ve recently done some rule cleanup which will be published in the June rules update. We also continue to review different methods of calculating and scoring MVA. We’ve welcomed a new member, Sandra Hawkins, and really appreciate the new addition to the committee and look forward to working with her.
Trending News 7-17

AS of June 2017, clubs have the option of allowing bitches in season (OBIS) to compete in obedience, as long as the rules for them are followed.   OBIS information can be found at All competitors who attend a trial where OBIS are allowed are encouraged to fill out the online OBIS survey at

The Obedience Committee is working to create the best possible continuing education requirement for obedience judges.  In the long run we hope to create and maintain an online education seminar.  We are discussing how often judges should be required to view educational materials and exactly which educational materials or events should count.  We are also discussing how judges will certify they completed the requirement.  Will signing a form testifying to having viewed the materials be sufficient?  Should there be some type of test?

The ODX Education webpage is being updated to cover recent rule changes to the ODX class.

In July 2017 the American Kennel Club (AKC) task force on stays recommended eliminating Open out of sight group stays and one of the Novice group stays.  ASCA was first in the sport to create an Open level class (the ODX class), through which teams could advance to Utility, with no out of sight stays necessary.  There have been recent requests for ASCA to create a Novice level class without group stays.  The Obedience Committee is monitoring AKC decisions on stays and ASCA competitor input on stays before deciding how to move forward in the future with the topic of group stay exercises.

Lasted updated 7/19/17

The Rally Committee is busy approving applications for judges to move from regular status to National or Senior Rally Judge status.  The new designations will be used when selecting Nationals and Finals judges in the future.  The video cameras are humming as new rally demos are created and will be posted on line for everyone to review.  Plans for Nationals are well under way including a judges seminar open to everyone, and a course design workshop. A ring will be set up to try new sign ideas.   Got some fun moves you do with your dog when just doodling around?  Send them to the Rally Committee, we are looking for new fun signs that can be added to the program.