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 In 1995, after five years of development, ASCA incorporated Agility competition into its competitive    programs. ASCA Agility is open to all breeds. There are three titling classes: Regular, Jumpers, and Gamblers. The three levels offered are Novice, Open, and Elite. Within the program there are three divisions: Standard, Veterans, and Junior Handlers. An Agility Trial Champion (ATCH) title is a goal these dogs can work toward in all Divisions.

This fun and challenging team work sport offers great competition. Most dogs enjoy the sport of agility. Although it may look easy, it takes a lot of time and training for a dog and handler to become a team.




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We would absolutely love it if you would answer our Agility Survey - we’re asking in hopes of learning what ASCA Agility Trials were like for you, how you experienced the trial, what keeps you coming back and what you would like to see from us in the future.

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