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Rally Course Checklist (.pdf)
Rally Course Template (.xls)
Rally Entry Form (.pdf)
Rally Judge Application (.pdf)
Rally Finals and Nationals Judge Eligibility Form (.pdf)
Rally Sanctioning Form (.pdf with text entry 175kb)
Rally Sanctioning Form (.pdf without text entry 145kb)
Rally Score Sheet by Deductions (.pdf)
Rally Score Sheet by Station Numbers (.pdf)
Rally Rules  (.pdf)
Rally Signs (.pdf)
Rally Star Sign (.pdf)
Rally Trial Report (.pdf)
Rally Renumbering of Signs Chart (.pdf)
Rally Instructions for New Number Labels (.pdf)
Rally New Number Labels (.pdf)
Rally Small Signs for Course Design (.docx)

Rally Information

Rally committee 
Liaison: Jan Wesen
Chair: *Karen Black (2018)

Region 1: *Heidi Iverson (2018)
Region 2: Ann McCabe (2018)
Region 3: Beryl Billingsley (2017), Claudia Yearsley (2018)
Region 4: 
Region 5: *Pat Pierce (2016), *Corinne Shanks (2017), *Sandy Walroth (2018)
Region 6: Karen Souza (2018), *Leah Swatko (2017)
Region 7: *Guenter Geisel (2017), Marianne Kunzmann (2018)
* Indicates that the member is a judge in that program.

ASCA Rally is a sport that focuses on the partnership and teamwork that develops between the dog and handler. Rally trials are designed to showcase not only the ability and relationship of the team, but also the camaraderie between exhibitors. Dog and handler teams are required to perform a course consisting of a set of exercises designed by the Judge according to these regulations. All teams are held to the same standard of performance. Courses are to be executed as one continuous performance, moving fluently between stations. While a team is on the course, they should exhibit accuracy, briskness, and smoothness, as well as enthusiasm and enjoyment. Above all, an exhibitor should exhibit good sportsmanship toward both their dog and other exhibitors.


The ASCA Rally program is open to all breeds. We welcome any breed including mix breeds to enjoy the program. Click here to find out more about ASCA Membership and Tracking Numbers and Service Memberships 


For more information about this program please feel free to contact Karen Black the Rally Committee Chair.

Rally Program Featured

ASCA Rally program is featured in the July/August 2011 DogSport Magazine. We are thrilled to be part of this great magazine and suggest you get a copy and take a look! 

To get a copy visit the DogSport website.

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