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The purpose of a Tracking Test is to demonstrate the dogs ability to recognize and follow human scent, a skill that is useful in the service of mankind.

Tracking, by nature, is a vigorous, noncompetivtive outdoor sport. Tracking Test demostrate the willingness and enjoyment of the dog in its' work, and should always represent the best in sportsmanship and camaraderie by the people involved.






The ASCA tracking program provides opportunities for ASCA registered Australian Shepherds and dogs with ASCA tracking numbers to obtain Tracking Dog (TD) and Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) titles. ASCA is committed to offering Tracking at its National Specialty Shows, and points obtained from Tracking may be used in ASCA Versatility competition. ASCA affiliate clubs are encouraged to offer tracking tests in their own regions.

This website provides links to a wide variety of information on Tracking and Tracking Tests.

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