Additional Coronavirus Statement

Hi everyone,
See below for a message from ASCA’s President:
Fellow ASCA Members,
The ASCA Board of Directors has been monitoring the current situation involving COVID-19. At this time, we strongly recommend that all indoor shows/trials scheduled on or before April 15th be canceled or postponed. We also strongly recommend that all outdoor shows/trials scheduled on or before March 29th be canceled or postponed.Affiliates with events in counties or states that have imposed restrictions on gatherings must comply by canceling or postponing those events.

The Business Office is working hard to help affiliates in making these changes by either refunding sanctioning fees or changing the dates that the show or trial has been scheduled for. Affiliates who are postponing events already sanctioned must choose a date that does not interfere with other events on that date.

We have received some inquiries regarding finals points. At this time, the BOD has no plans to change the time frame or the way that finals points are accumulated for this competition year. Our hope is that the situation will improve and competitors will still have opportunities to earn more points.

The situation that we’re facing today is unprecedented and the Board understands the frustration and uncertainty that members must feel. We will continue to monitor the situation and the strong recommendations above may change with little notice if the situation worsens. We hope that our ASCA community continues to be supportive of one another and that everyone remains safe.

Stay safe,
Kalla Jaco
Executive Secretary, Australian Shepherd Club of America | (737) 704-1685
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