Hi everyone,
See below for a message from ASCA’s President.

Fellow ASCA Members,

There is some degree of confusion regarding the latest motions involving DNA that have been approved by the Board. I hope this communication clears the confusion.

As you know, the contractual agreement between ASCA and Therion will end on September 1, 2020. I would like to clarify that members must continue using Therion for parentage verification. Samples must arrive at Therion by August 22, 2020. It is imperative that members continue using Therion for regular parentage verification purposes during these last 10 months or so and that ASCA fulfills its part in the agreement.

ASCA has chosen Paw Print Genetics to provide parentage verification once the contractual agreement with Therion comes to an end on September 1, 2020. Since Therion has admitted that there are problems with the processing of multi-sire litters that involve closely related sires, Paw Print Genetics will begin processing these litters, effective immediately. Members who are planning this type of litter should contact Ray Fryar at the Business Office before sending the samples to ensure their needs are being met.

In the next few months, there is a lot of work that the ASCA Board of Directors must engage in to prepare for this change. The Board will be negotiating a contract with Paw Prints Genetics to establish the nature of the relationship between ASCA and PPG, and also establish exact protocols by which samples will be sent and results will be reported back to the Business Office. This will include setting up a database.The Board will also seek PPG’s advice on what alternatives exist for the stored samples that are located at Therion at this time. The intent is to have everything ready and in place for PPG to take over as ASCA’s parentage verification provider on September 1, 2020.

As we know more, we will keep the membership appraised. Thanks!

Liz Busquets
ASCA President

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