ASCA Scholarship for Students Under 25

Did you know that the ASCA Foundation, ASCA’s tax-decutible charitable foundation, offers a scholarship for students under 25?
The Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship is intended to provide scholarship funds to individuals with a background in Australian Shepherds seeking to extend their education beyond high school (this applies to college or trade/craft school). The fund was originally established by Cee Hambo, after whom the fund is named.
Recipients are selected by a commitee established by the ASCA Board of Directors. Priority in selection shall be weighted as follows:
Impact on the breed and activities within the ASCA community: 50%
Academic achievement: 20%
General competency as displayed in application: 20%
Demonstrated need: 10%
I will be accpeting applications all year-round and forwarding them to the selection committee. The official decision will be made one month before the National Specialty and announced at the National Specialty Banquet.
Please contact me (the Executive Secretary [email protected]) with any questions.
Thank you,
Kalla E. Jaco
Executive Secretary | [email protected]