BOD Candidates

The following members are running for a position on the ASCA Board of Directors in this year’s election:
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Election dates to remember:
May 1 – foreign member ballots will be mailed.
May 15 – U.S. member ballots will be mailed.
June 1 – contact the Business Office if you have not received your ballot by this date!
July 15 – all completed ballots are due online or in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked).
All candidates will be notified of the results by July 20. As soon as each candidate has acknowledged receipt, the results will be shared with the membership. Published results will list each candidate with the number of votes received. Official notice of voting results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the ASCA National Specialty.
Liz BusquetsDuring most of my professional and academic career, I have been involved in work that required cooperation and teamwork. I have good communication skills, work well in a team situation, and can be flexible when necessary. I’m used to working and managing people from diverse backgrounds and with different skill sets. Challenges need to be met in an analytical, rational manner, and I think my experience and communication style has proven helpful in the last three years.
Denise CreelmanI am currently on the Board of Directors and after serving for nearly 3 years, I have worked to keep the membership informed and make decision in the best interest for ASCA and members. I have 45 years of history in our wonderful breed and practical hands on experience in all programs that help with my decisions when problems arise. It is important to me, that the membership feels they can contact me about issues or concerns they may have.
Carol GerkenI would be an asset to the Board of Directors because I am a fair and honest person that is willing to consider all sides to a topic. In my career experience, I have learned to work with many different personalities and excel as a team builder. I am in touch with the membership at a grass roots level and would bring the general membership’s perspective to the Board.
Cindy KingNo one director is a majority and working together is very important. Nine people can make it work but one can make it unworkable. The years I've spent on the board I hope I've shown I will compromise but I will also be strong on what's important. I believe my thirty plus years with the breed, the national and the local club show my commitment to ASCA.
Liz BusquetsI would like to continue encouraging better communication between the membership, the committees, and the Board. Transparency is extremely important and paramount to establish trust between the Board and the membership. In the time I’ve served as Director and ASCA President, I have done my best to ensure that members are properly informed of what is happening and, if reelected, I will continue doing so. Some of the committees have done great work on judges’ education. Some things have worked, and some have not, but I would like to continue working towards establishing consistent and easy to access judges’ education. I would also like to ensure a good transition to our new Parentage Verification vendor.
Denise CreelmanI would like to continue to keep the membership informed of ASCA’s business and progress. I have attended every board meeting and believe that it is important to vote on every issue that comes to the board. I will continue to work on establishing consistency within all program’s rulebooks and policies.
Carol GerkenI would like to work with my fellow directors to address several current issues facing ASCA, including transitioning to a new DNA lab, developing a program that preserves the heritage of our breed, planning for the growth of ASCA, and promote all ASCA programs to new Aussie owners. I would work to achieve name branding for national/international sponsorships of all programs. That level of recognition would be beneficial in promoting the Australian Shepherd as well as contribute to ASCA’s financial stability.
Cindy KingI don't think there should be any bucket list of items a director would what to achieve but should instead think beyond their term and want to make decisions that provide a financially stable future for ASCA.
Liz BusquetsI have no direct experience in running a business, but I have experience managing laboratories. This previous experience has made me a productive member of the Board, who works well in situations that require attention to detail, analysis of problems, and willingness to listen. My ability to balance different people’s needs and priorities aids in resolving conflicts and in making decisions that are of benefit to ASCA and the Australian Shepherd. Fiduciary responsibility has also been an important aspect of my approach as a director. I think that I can be an effective leader under stressful circumstances.
Denise CreelmanI was the founding member of Central Valley Australian Shepherd Club (CVASC) in 1976 and have maintained position of leadership continuously throughout the years. I have encouraged many people to join our organization. I am a self-employed business owner and understand what it takes to build relationships, organizing charitable fundraiser and set goals for growth.
Carol GerkenGrowing up on a farm has instilled in me an honest, no excuses work ethic. My extensive background in management and the leadership required in those positions has given me a wealth of service oriented skills. Working with people of all ages and from all walks of life in a variety of situations has given me a large pool of life experience to draw from. All of these experiences will assist me in my position as a Director for ASCA.
Cindy KingI have not run large corporations or large budget projects but I have applied common sense and a conservative approach to life. I've provided for my family and worked to provide a secure future for myself as retirement gets closer. I believe in individual responsibility and I try to look beyond the immediate to the long term effects of my decision making. I understand the meaning of volunteering is giving of yourself and time freely, not expecting anything in return but the feeling of giving. I've been supportive of ASCA and other non-profits. I also volunteer for the Hole in the Wall Camp and Angelride for the Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp.
Liz BusquestsASCA needs to be managed like a business and with fiduciary responsibility. I would also like the organization to expand its efforts in promoting and preserving the Australian Shepherd. I think that we can still do more to promote the breed’s working ability. In addition, there are certain items that need attention in the next couple of years, such as the National Specialty Rotation and evaluation of the sites currently in the rotation. As previously stated, education should remain a priority. ASCA also needs to continue improving efficiency and member services and finishing the system upgrade is imperative. Also, ASCA is a member-driven organization. Our Executive Secretary, Ms. Kalla Jaco, does a terrific job to ensure that member communications get to the Board. However, I still think that more opportunities for face to face interaction between members of the Board and the membership would be beneficial. Board members tend to live in regions with a lot of ASCA activity and are members of affiliate clubs. Shows and trials could be opportunities to plan meetings or “town halls” with members at the more local level.
Dense CreelmanI believe that one of the most important things that ASCA must achieve is moving into the electronic age for registration, show sanctioning results, communication with the board and our members. ASCA needs this to gain efficiency and accuracy as we grow.
Carol GerkenWhile you cannot please all the people all of the time, I would like ASCA to run at a level that the general membership would feel represented them, and that they would be proud to be a part of the organization. I believe that with the right leadership, ASCA can move forward from the dog club image it has to become a “branded” professional breed registry with worldwide recognition.
Cindy KingI'd like to see ASCA continue as a guardian of the breed. ASCA is not a multibreed or performance registry. We are a single breed registry. I think we need to keep the importance of health and wellness a priority. I'd like to see screening for health issues that affect our breed as important as the titles we earn to highlight our breed. And we need to keep the origin and function of the breed a priority.
Liz BusquetsServed in the DNA committee for two years. Assisted with the Australian Shepherd Cancer Survey and the Health Survey that ASHGI conducted. Have served as director since the fall of 2017. My first year as director, I acted as liaison to the Obedience, Rally, and Conformation Committees. I’ve been ASCA President since the fall of 2018.
Denise CreelmanI have been the Show Chairperson for the National Specialty four times and am proud to say the success of those Nationals has allowed us to donate to other ASCA functions: ASGHI, ARPH, Scholarships, Exhibitor Payback in Stock, class sponsorships at Nationals and financial assistance to the Finals. I was on the Conformation Committee for 3 years. As a current Board member, I have been the liaison to the Stockdog, Junior, Hall of Fame and the new Scent Search committees. I am also a Senior Breeder Judge and have judged in many states and overseas.
Carol GerkenIt would be an honor to be on the Board and be a servant leader for ASCA. My participation with ASCA at the national level has included being active on the DNA committee, the Hall of Fame committee, and the Stockdog committee, as well as becoming a Stock Dog judge .
Cindy KingI was appointed to the ASCA BOD in 2013 to fill a vacancy and elected in 2016. I have been secretary and second vice president. Prior to that I served on the junior committee for many years. I've worked at each of the Nationals I've attended. I've been ring steward, timer, gate keeper, stock handler, set up and tear down. And most years I've also worked the DNA draw.
Liz BusquetsI have served as affiliate representative, treasurer, show coordinator. I have worked numerous times as show secretary, table and ring steward, course director, stock handler, timer. I’m also an ASCA Senior Breeder Judge.
Denise CreelmanI founded the Central Valley ASC club in 1976. I have been the President for multiple years and every other position on our board. We are a very active club which hosts multiple shows and trials of all programs each year. I have been Show Secretary, Trial Chair in Obedience and Coarse Director for Stockdog Trials.

My experience in ASCA has given me the opportunity to work with all types of personalities and I feel that I am able to help solve problems by working together in a genuine and professional manner. This has helped me to establish many strong relationships within our ASCA family.
Carol GerkenI was a founding member and held many offices of the Columbia River Working ASC. I am a founding member of the Treasure Valley ASC and am currently the treasurer. I am also a working member of the Three Rivers Working ASA. I have planned and executed educational programs for TVASC, and have participated in the hosting of ASCA sanctioned events for both clubs.
Cindy KingI have been affiliate representative for ASCNE in the past and presently. I also did the trial sanctioning for ASCNE. I have also been show chair for conformation and obedience and course director for stock.