BOD Candidates

The following members are running for a position on the ASCA Board of Directors in this year’s election:
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Election dates to remember:
May 1 – foreign member ballots will be mailed.
May 15 – U.S. member ballots will be mailed.
June 1 – contact the Business Office if you have not received your ballot by this date!
July 15 – all completed ballots are due online or in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked).
All candidates will be notified of the results by July 20. As soon as each candidate has acknowledged receipt, the results will be shared with the membership. Published results will list each candidate with the number of votes received. Official notice of voting results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the ASCA National Specialty.
Judy Boone
I would consider myself an asset to the ASCA Board of Directors because I would bring a fresh perspective. I have also worked closely with the Business Office and understand some of the challenges they face in supporting the programs and registry. I have participated in almost all the programs ASCA has to offer, giving me a very broad perspective of our programs.
Susan ByrneI believe I would be an asset to the ASCA Board because I bring a unique perspective being a recently retired ASCA office employee as well as a competitor in every ASCA program except the Tracking program. In a relatively short period of time, I have accomplished titles in all programs I compete with my dogs including SVCH (#59), VCH (#64), WTCH, ATCH (multiples on 2 dogs) all elite Agility titles on a 3rd dog, Altered Champions (3), RE (2) and CD. Being a competitor in these areas, I am interacting with other competitors and members voicing their concerns. Being an ASCA employee for 4 ½ years with the primary responsibility of answering incoming phone calls, I have first-hand knowledge of what the day to day interaction with our members brings.
Peter DolanI have extensive leadership experience in the military, in business and in volunteer positions. I am accustomed to multi-tasking and managing a variety of complex projects simultaneously. I have also been heavily involved in fiscal management and budgeting in both my military and civilian careers.
Rick GannI feel I’m fair, honest, and not biased towards any one ASCA program. I’m consistent in my decisions making skills which showed in my past ASCA board experience. I have the ability to keep ASCA members best interest since this is an ASCA member driven organization. I will listen to the subject matter experts in each program to make educated decisions regarding that particular program and ASCA. I’m not interested in making huge changes to ASCA and its programs. I feel we sometimes make too many changes which tends to keep the organization in turmoil. I would do my best to bring ASCA members together, consider everyone’s views, and make the right decision for ASCA and its members. During the past year, I’d like to address a couple of board decisions I would have done differently 1) I would not have vote to disband the Aussie-L. 2) I would not have voted to create an Introduction to Stock program without allowing the Stockdog Committee ample time to create this program. The Stockdog community and judges should have been involved making sure new exhibitors understand current rules, stock knowledge, and the purpose of this new program. Current/Past Stockdog community has worked hard getting the ASCA Stockdog program where it is today.
Linda GrayI’ve spent 20 years on the ASCA BoD and 4 months working at the ASCA Business Office in 2005. Gained a wealth of knowledge both working as a Director and at the Business Office.
Susan HarrisI bring to the board 12 years of Non-Profit Board of Director experience in addition to over 30 years of business experience. I believe that I work well in a team environment. I bring a level headed, fair and honest approach to business matters. I understand how and when marketing and technology are important.
Leah SwatkoI have a diverse background in the working world, have owned and operated several successful businesses. Small mixed farm, Registered Dairy Goat Herd, Horse training, Vintage Clothing Store; All breed Grooming shop, Professional Dog Handling, and Private Dog Behaviour Modification I have worked principally in heavy Industry, Union and Non-Union work places. Often I was the first and only woman to enter these workplaces. I have a good understanding of contract language, and conflict resolution. I am a facilitator I help people not only express themselves but help organizations and groups reach common ground and goals. The constant in my life has been animals and family. Now my life is focused on dogs; training, behaviour, judging, and competing. The breed that has my heart is the Australian Shepherd.
Jan WesenI have a well rounded background in the programs of ASCA. I believe in the Versatile Aussie and making sure that all parts of the ASCA program can be the best that they can be. Work to communicate with other board members and ASCA members to develop solutions that will promote the Australian Shepherd.
Judy Boone
My goals for my term on the Board are to promote ASCA programs and expand their appeal to competitors new to that program – basically getting people to try and remain ASCA competitors. A healthy competitor base translates to increased revenue, allowing ASCA to better serve its members. As an agility judge, competitor and agility committee member, I hope to help the other directors more fully understand the agility program. As a Rally, Conformation and Stock participant, I hope to bring a competitor’s view to the BOD.
Susan ByrneIf elected, it is my desire to listen to and serve our membership in hopes of growing the number of members within the organization and making our programs inviting to many competitors. I will contribute honesty, integrity, respect and accountability to a diverse group of individuals responsible for the success of this organization.
Peter DolanI hope to encourage an atmosphere of respect and civility in member/board/committee interactions and to provide the membership with honest, timely, accurate information and service. Additionally, I want to contribute to the continuing improvement in Business Office services to the membership and document office operational methods and procedures to make new employee transitions easier for both the employee and the membership.
Rick GannConsistency, in the past few years the ASCA board has been their own worst enemy. The board has been running exactly like our US Government. The board has been divided and no one from the other side is willing to work together. This must stop in order to get ASCA back on track and to gain the memberships trust.
Linda GrayI hope to work to continue to preserve ASCA as the premier registry for the Australia Shepherd. ASCA is an innovator in the dog world, in my opinion, and I’d like to work to continue with that preservation
Susan Harriswould like to be part of ASCA’s growth and development in encouraging member involvement, new uses for technology and focusing on financial stability. I would like to see new titling opportunities for our dogs while still supporting and encouraging support for our existing programs. I would like to open discussions on a Breeder of Merit program where individual registering of all puppies in a litter and mandatory health testing are a part of the program.
Leah SwatkoMaintain and continue to open clear lines of communication between members of the ASCA Board of Directors, the Committees in all ASCA Programs, and the Membership of ASCA. Move towards the goals and future of ASCA as a dedicated single breed registry. Increase participation of ASCA Affiliates and welcome new breeders into the fold. Help to develop strong educational and mentoring programs for all ASCA competitive programs. Work to develop and implement the breeding of ASCA registered Australian Shepherds and the increase of individual registrations. Address the handling of serious infractions and work towards strong Bylaws, and rules all of which are enforceable; which are fair and representative of the offence. Facilitate through clear sighted guidance the development of a stronger future for ASCA and the Australian Shepherd breed on a Global scale.
Jan WesenI will continue the work positivity with the other board members and ASCA members to reach a stronger ASCA program financially and structurally.
Judy Boone
I have been a business owner and have dealt with employees and all that goes with them – taxes, benefits, etc. I have also worked for large corporations in the medical field; working within the system in smaller groups to accomplish goals. Working with this diverse background will allow me to offer different perspectives to help solve issues and problems within ASCA.
Susan BryneIn my many years of volunteerism, a great majority of my experiences are with not-for-profit organizations including multiple Officers’ Wives Clubs and the Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs. I have served in the capacities of treasurer, Vice Presidents, President and Parliamentarian. I believe these experiences will lend themselves to me being a contributing member of the ASCA Board and offering ideas through a fresh set of eyes.
Peter DolanMy ability to budget, plan, and execute, plus my extensive ASCA committee experience and service as ASCA Secretary, ASCA President, ASCA Treasurer, and Executive Secretary will allow me to serve ASCA successfully.
Rick GannThis is a club where the membership voices have a right to be heard and an avenue in which to communicate their concerns to the ASCA board. The ASCA Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to oversee ASCA’s financial outcome. I feel I have the ability to listen to our members, give them an avenue to address their concerns, and make fair and unbiased decisions regarding ASCA’s fiduciary responsibility to our membership. ASCA’s bottom line continues to improve but communication with our members still needs improvement by our directors.
Linda GrayHaving spent 20 years on the Board I have experience with ASCA’s 501(c)7 social cub classification. Washington is where ASCA is incorporated and is bound by Washington state laws, which I’ve worked with for 20 years.
Susan HarrisWith 12 years of Non-Profit Board Experience this is what I learned that I will bring to the Board. Non-Profits are usually run by volunteers and working with them is much different than working with paid employees. It is important to listen to your members let them know you hear and understand their needs. Vital to Non-Profits are budgets, fund raising, grant writing, marketing and exceptional recordkeeping. I hold a Bookkeeping degree and have over seven years of marketing and advertising experience. I think when you become a member of a Board like ASCA you must be able to dedicate yourself to the betterment of the organization and I look forward to doing that.
Leah SwatkoI have a long history of volunteering. I started at the age of 11 volunteering in a Home for the Aged, then focused on farming, therapeutic riding, and now in numerous pure bred dog groups and associations. I am a life member of my local CKC All Breed Club, 5 more years and will be a Life Member of CKC. I am a Life Member of ASCA and have encouraged many to do the same. I worked with a group of like minded competitive dog sport people to build a well funded section in the All Breed Club, went from in the red to over $130,000 a year in gross income, all through volunteerism at its finest. I have over 30 years of volunteer teaching a variety of dog classes including household, obedience, clicker tricks, behaviour modification in the Dogs behaving badly class. Many hours of school bite prevention presentations, a two year pilot project working with a school for disadvantaged juvenile teens. We matched a dog and student and taught them that they could accomplish so much with positive clicker training when they had come from a life of mental and physical abuse.
Jan WesenAs a Dairy Farmer, working in a family operation, we have to make hard decisions, as a family to make things work financially. I will make the tough decisions to make ASCA financial strong for the benefit of the Australian Shepherd working as a team.
Judy Boone
I would like to see ASCA honor its working dog heritage while embracing the modern diversity of our breed.
Susan BryneI would like to see ASCA continue to honor and showcase the versatility of the Australian Shepherd while encouraging the health of the breed. I would also like to see continued enhancements of the online portal system rolled out in 2016.
Peter DolanAs a 501c7 social club ASCA is somewhat restricted in terms of its operation. I believe ASCA must be operated according to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as a member owned business. As a member owned business I would like to see emphasis placed on fiscal responsibility, factual real-time communication between the Board of Directors and membership, and a professional, leadership atmosphere.
Rick GannI would like to see the ASCA
membership and the ASCA Board of Directors communicate more effectively. The ASCA board needs to have a better working relationship with the program committees. The board needs to quit micro managing the committees work and quit telling the committees how many topics they are allowed to work on at any given time. The only committee work the board should be involved in is board directives. All committees should be given ample time to work on board directive before the board gets involved in committee work.
Linda GrayI would like to see ASCA continue to be a leader in the world of dog registries, as it has been in the past. We were the first to have an Altered Conformation program and a DNA parent-verified registry as the membership wanted.
Susan HarrisI would like to see ASCA as an organization strengthen and grow our programs for our members, increase our use of technology and keep an open mind to new ways of doing business. Preserving our breed should be our key focus, our breed’s original purpose, its unique characteristics and its versatility.
Leah SwatkoASCA and the world of Pure Bred Preservation Breeders are facing serious attacks from well funded Animal Rights Groups. We must build a unified front to deal with these attacks or everything we do for this breed will be gone. We do need to respect change and differing opinions, but have clear, accurate proof that our dogs and the many activities we promote are still of value today and are fun for all involved. I strive to give the dogs, the stock a voice, our voice; dogs love to work! Unfortunately daily we face groups that think it is cruel to train a dog to track a lost child, give assistance to people, or work sheep in a calm and safe way; educate these people and groups that our dogs actually reduce the stressors more so than humans do when moving sheep. We also must look within ASCA and our breeders. Are they good people do they earn respect be they a judge or an exhibitor. Do they follow good rational animal care practices, are they honest in their dealings with the public and within ASCA. ASCA, the BOD, the membership must be above reproach.
Jan WesenBoard of Directors set the policy as a group, as a member of the board of directors, I will work to set directives to make the breed better. I do believe that better communication with membership is important for the long term benefit of the breed.
Judy Boone
I have served on the Agility committee for the last 7 years and have been the Chair for the last 4 years. As an ASCA Supervising Agility judge and Course Reviewer fpr 10 years, I have helped judges hone their skills to make them better judges.
Susan BryneI have served on the Nationals Consortium for 2014 and 2017. In 2014, I stepped in at the 11th hour to head up the sponsorships for both Nationals and Finals donations. In 2017, I served as the Local Liaison where I had responsibilities of dealing with local vendors to supply items for the event.
Peter DolanI spent 8 years on the Agility Committee including one year as committee chair during termination of NADAC dual sanctioning. I also served for two years on the MVA committee. In 2007 I rejoined the Agility Committee and became a charter member of the Nationals Committee. I served as the National Specialty Chair for the ASCA 2007 Golden Jubilee National Specialty. I served for two years as ASCA Secretary, one year as ASCA President, two years as ASCA Treasurer, and six months as Executive Secretary. I served on the DNA Committee. Also, I served a short stint on the Stockdog Committee.
Rick GannI have served as an ASCA Board of Director for 6 years in the past. Positions I have held include President (briefly), 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, and director. Have been an active member of the Conformation Committee in the past and I’m currently on the Judges Education Committee. ASCA Nationals Co-Chair 2010 and 2017.
Linda GrayASCA 1st VP, 2nd VP, Director and Secretary. Committee membership: DNA and Tracking. Board Liaison to the following committees: Conformation, Obedience, Tracking, History, Bylaw and DNA. ASCA Lifetime Achievement recipient for 2015.
Susan HarrisI currently am on the Junior Committee which is near and dear to my heart. I believe that our young people are the future of ASCA. I have also served on the Conformation Committee. I was on the Show Committee for the 2012 Nationals held in Bakersfield. I am on the 2019 Nationals Show Committee
Leah SwatkoI started in ASCA in 1992; I joined TASC in Ontario and soon was the newsletter editor. I progressed and learned more; I joined the Bylaw committee and we founded the Foreign registry to welcome back ASCA dogs who had fallen off pedigrees due to only being registered in AKC or CKC. The Obedience Committee where I helped in the development and participated in the first Obedience Finals. Joined the Conformation Committee and was active in all aspects of the committee. Currently I am on the Rally Committee and the tracking Committee. Now I am a Regular Rally Judge, Obedience Judge All Classes, and Conformation Provisional Breeder Judge. I have had the joy of judging all of my rings in Belgium, Germany, Canada, and the USA. I simply love to judge. I am involved in writing about my own experiences, photography, and painting.
Jan WesenI have attended nationals since 1998. I am Past ASCA Treasurer, Chairperson of the Stockdog Committee 2014, Chairperson of the MVA committee 2010 to 2013. Currently member of ASCA Tracking Committee, ASCA DNA Committee Member, ASCA Stockdog Committee, and ASCA Obedience Committee. I am a Judge in Obedience, Tracking, Stockdog , Apprentice Rally and Agility judge. Chaired National Tracking in 1998, 2017 and 2018.
Judy Boone
In affiliate clubs, I have served in all positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Director, Affiliate Rep and Show Coordinator in 5 different affiliates in California, Utah, Arizona and Ohio. I am currently a member of Prescott ASC in Arizona and Buckeye ASC in Ohio.
Susan BryneI currently am serving in my second year as Secretary for Central Texas Working ASA. I am also a willing volunteer at any event I attend whether it is stock handling or contributing in whatever needs to be done to help agility trials run smoothly.
Peter DolanI served as Vice-president of the Australian Shepherd Club of New England (ASCNE) for six years. ASCNE has a membership of `225. I served six years as ASCNE Treasurer and several years as ASCNE’s Stockdog Trial Coordinator. After serving four and a half years as editor of the New England Aussie, ASCNE’s bi-monthly newsletter I stepped down and turned over the newsletter to a new editor. I served as the club’s alternate web master. I have various show/trial positions including trial chair and secretary, steward, agility course builder, and stock handler. In 2008, Sheila and I received a Lifetime Honorary ASCNE Membership for our service to the Club. Since I relocated to the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Montana I no longer participate in ASCNE activities.
Rick GannI have been a member of Heart of Texas ASC for 20 years. Positions held include President, Vice-President, Secretary, and board member/show coordinator
Linda GrayAustralian Shepherd Club of New England Inc.: President 5 years, Vice President 4 years, Newsletter editor 10 years. Also: Director, Membership Chair, Sanctioning person, Show Results person, Stock Timer, Obedience and Conformation Steward, Trophy and Ribbon Chair, grounds crew. Honorary Lifetime Member of ASCNE since 1998.
Susan HarrisI have been involved with ASCA on a local level for 14 years, 12 years as the club secretary and 2 years as President for Delta ASF. I have also held the office of affiliate rep. I serve as show secretary and ring steward for many of our shows and help arrange our education events. I am also a Central Valley ASC club member.
Leah SwatkoMy volunteerism with ASCA Affiliates VASE President, VP and Affiliate rep, ASC of MI active member and worker du jour, COASC Affiliate Rep, President and keeping the ASCA Aussie alive in Ontario, Canada.
In CKC was also involved with CNASA, the CKC Aussie parent club as the Ontario Director. I was Vice President for 10 years, and President for 2 years, section Chair for 15 years in my local all breed Sudbury & District Kennel Club.
Thank you for the consideration, I would be proud to serve.
Jan WesenI have been member of ASC of WA since 1986, current President. Member of Treasure Valley ASA, ASC of Maine, Three Rivers ASCA have served on many positions in the club. President, Vice President, Secretary, Board Member at Large, Course Director, Show Secretary, Newsletter editor, Chairperson of Stockdog Trial, Chairperson of Tracking, Obedience and Conformation Show and education events.