BOD Candidates

The following members are running for a position on the ASCA Board of Directors in this year’s election:
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Election dates to remember:
May 1 – foreign member ballots will be mailed.
May 15 – U.S. member ballots will be mailed.
June 1 – contact the Business Office if you have not received your ballot by this date!
July 15 – all completed ballots are due online or in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked).
All candidates will be notified of the results by July 20. As soon as each candidate has acknowledged receipt, the results will be shared with the membership. Published results will list each candidate with the number of votes received. Official notice of voting results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the ASCA National Specialty.
Peter DolanI have extensive leadership experience accumulated during a 30 year Navy career including a five and a half years commanding a nuclear submarine, in business as purchasing manager for an employee-owned defense contractor, and in volunteer positions. I am accustomed to multi-tasking, managing a variety of complex projects simultaneously. I was heavily involved in fiscal management and budgeting during my military and civilian careers. As a competitor in many ASCA’s programs I am well versed in program rules and regulations. I have an extensive knowledge of the processes and procedures used to operate ASCA and provide membership services.
Cindy KingI was appointed by the ASCA board to fill a vacancy and elected to the board in 2016. The time I've spent on the board I've realized no one director is a majority and working together is more important than most realize. I've been an ASCA member for thirty two years. I believe my commitment to the breed has been important to my time on the BOD.
Jean RobertsAs a former and current member of the ASCA Board of Directors and as the former ASCA Office Manager, I bring a unique perspective and understanding of the relationship between the Board, the ASCA membership , ASCA Committees, and the Office. Willingness to work with all of ASCA’s shareholders for a positive outcome is a trait that I possess.
Jan WesenI have a well-rounded background in ASCA’s programs. I believe in the Versatile Aussie and making sure that all parts of ASCA programs will support this goal. Will work to communicate with other board members and ASCA members to develop solutions that will promote the Australian Shepherd.
Peter DolanI hope to encourage an atmosphere of respect and civility in member/board/committee interactions; and to provide the membership with honest, timely, accurate information and service. Additionally, I want to contribute to the continuing improvement in Business Office services to the membership.
Cindy KingIf reelected I hope we can continue to work together to keep ASCA financially stable through the swings in the economy. We can make smart decisions to benefit the running of ASCA but not jeopardize it's future.
Jean RobertsI want to help ASCA continue down the road of modernization, with an updated computer system and more web-based services. I hope to continue work with the ASCA Board to promote ASCA as the premier registry for the Australian Shepherd.
Jan WesenI will continue the work positivity with the other board members and ASCA members to continue to support a stronger ASCA, both financially and structurally.
Peter DolanMy ability to budget, plan, and execute, plus my ASCA committee experience and my recent positions as ASCA Secretary, ASCA Treasurer, ASCA President and Executive Secretary put me in a position to serve ASCA effectively.
Cindy KingI have not run large companies but I've provided for my family by staying at the same job for thirty three years. I have not led large nonprofits but I've chosen to support nonprofits with my time. This June I'll be working to help Angelride. Angelride is a bicycle ride across CT to raise money for the Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp. The camp in CT is for kids from around the world who have survived life altering burn injuries. And this September I'll be working the Camp Challenge for Paul Newman's Hole in The Wall Camp. I support organizations that have a special meaning for me. ASCA, Angelride and the Hole in The Wall Camp are important to me.
Jean RobertsMy ability to listen to members, be open to change, remember where we came from and look at the big picture are skills that are necessary for ASCA to continue to succeed. ASCA is also a large business. My experience running an open admission Animal Shelter in So. Cal, managing the ASCA Business Office, and managing a pet boarding/daycare business all help in growing our brand while maintaining our quality.
Jan WesenAs a Dairy Farmer, working in a family operation we sometimes have to make hard decisions as a family to make things work financially. I am prepared to make tough decisions that will make ASCA financially stronger for the benefit of the Australian Shepherd.
Peter DolanASCA is a 501c7 social club which somewhat restricts its operation, it must be operated according to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as a member owned business. I would place emphasis on fiscal responsibility, factual, real-time communication between the Board of Directors and membership, and a professional leadership atmosphere.
Cindy KingI'd like to see ASCA continue as a guardian of the breed. ASCA is not a multibreed or performance registry. We are a single breed registry. I think we need to keep the origins of the breed a priority.
Jean RobertsAgain, I want to see ASCA modernize while preserving the Australian Shepherd, it’s historical purpose and it’s unique characteristics.
Jan WesenThe Board of Directors set the policy as a The Board of Directors set the policy as a group, and as a member of the BOD, I would work to strengthen ASCA’s image/brand in the dog world. I do believe that better communication with membership is important for the long term benefit of ASCA and the breed.
Peter DolanI spent 8 years on the Agility Committee including, one year as committee chair. I also served for two years on the MVA committee. In 2007 I rejoined the Agility Committee and became a charter member of the Nationals Committee. I served as the National Specialty Chair for the ASCA 2007 Golden Jubilee National Specialty. I served for two years as ASCA Secretary, two years as ASCA Treasurer, one year as ASCA President, and six months as Executive Secretary. I served on the DNA Committee and served a short stint on the Stockdog Committee.
Cindy KingThis answer probably makes me officially old. I was a member of the Junior Committee when we used phones (not cell) and mailings (not email) to run the committee business. And except for a few years I stayed with the committee until I was appointed to the board. I organized a few stock clinics and scavenger hunts for knowledge at Nationals for the juniors. And each Nationals I've attended I've helped. Bill and I usually arrived early to help set up. I've been ring steward, timer, gate keeper, stock handler, set up and tear down. And most years I've worked the DNA draw. I've also been ASCA secretary and second vice president.
Jean RobertsI am currently serving on the ASCA Board of Directors, with my second year as the Treasurer. I have been the Liaison to the Agility Committee for three years. I have also served as the Liaison to the following committees: DNA, Obedience, Rally, Stockdog. I served on the ASCA Board from 2012 to 2015. During that time I was Liaison to the Agility Committee. I was also the Liaison to the Obedience and DNA committees for one year each. I served as ASCA’s Treasurer for a period of one year.
Jan WesenI have attended nationals since I have attended Nationals since 1998. I am Past ASCA Treasurer, Chairperson of the Stockdog Committee 2014, Chairperson of the MVA committee 2010 to 2013. Currently member of ASCA Tracking Committee, ASCA DNA Committee Member, ASCA Stockdog Committee, and ASCA Obedience Committee. I am a Judge in Obedience, Tracking, Stockdog , Apprentice Rally and Agility judge. Chaired National Tracking in 1998, 2017 and 2018.
Peter DolanI served as Vice-president of the Australian Shepherd Club of New England (ASCNE) for six years. ASCNE has a membership of `225. I served six years as ASCNE Treasurer and several years as ASCNE’s Stockdog Trial Coordinator. After serving four and a half years as editor of the New England Aussie, ASCNE’s bi-monthly newsletter I stepped down and turned over the newsletter to a new editor. I served as the club’s alternate web master. I have various show/trial positions including trial chair and secretary, steward, agility course builder, and stock handler. In 2008, Sheila and I received a Lifetime Honorary ASCNE Membership for our service to the Club. Since I relocated to the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Montana I no longer participate in ASCNE activities.
Cindy King have been affiliate representative for ASCNE in the past. I also did the trial sanctioning for ASCNE. I have also been show chair for conformation and obedience, show secretary and course director for stock.
Jean RobertsI have been an officer or director in C.O.A.S.T since it was founded in 1998. I am currently serving as President. COAST is the only Affiliate club I have ever joined. Assisted at the 2002 Bakersfield Nationals, setting stock for National trial and Finals. Assisted at the 2004 Paso Robles Nationals, setting stock for Nationals and Finals, and feeding. Gate Steward for the MVA Evaluations. Have been course director for a COAST stock trial, also timekeeper and stock handler, Show Secretary for COAST Obedience trials, gate steward, pole setter, leash runner for Agility Trials (COAST, New Hope). Generally I like to help make an event successful. I’ve helped secure judges for different events over the years.
Jan WesenI have been member of ASC of I have been member of ASC of WA since 1986, current President. Member of Treasure Valley ASA, ASC of Maine, Three Rivers ASCA have served on many positions in the club. President, Vice President, Secretary, Board Member at Large, Course Director, Show Secretary, Newsletter editor, Chairperson of Stockdog Trial, Chairperson of Tracking, Obedience and Conformation Show and education events.