Coronavirus Statement

Fellow ASCA Members,

The coronavirus outbreak is a serious situation and ASCA recognizes the potential for spreading the virus in the environment of dog shows and trials. The safety of all our members and competitors is of utmost importance to ASCA and the Board will be monitoring the situation closely. For now, the Business Office will continue operations as usual. The following are applicable until April 15th, 2020:
  1. ASCA is leaving the decision regarding events scheduled in areas not yet affected by the outbreak to the affiliates, but consulting with local health officials is recommended so that affiliates make informed decisions.
  2. Affiliates in or within 200 miles (traveling distance) of outbreak hot zones should consider canceling or postponing the events. ASCA will provide all affiliates with refunds for the sanctioning fees if they cancel events that are scheduled to take place between now and April 15th. If affiliates decide to postpone events rather than cancel, the Business Office will work with show coordinators to make those changes as smoothly as possible. Affiliates should immediately establish a refund policy and communicate with competitors who have already entered.
  3. Affiliates MUST obey quarantines and other rules as enacted by state and local authorities.
  4. Competitors showing any symptoms or with relatives showing symptoms should stay home and not participate in events. People who test positive or have relatives who test positive for coronavirus must follow state and local quarantine rules.
  5. Until the outbreak is contained and even in areas not affected, ASCA recommends the following hygiene practices at events:
    1. Wash hands often and keep hands away from the face.
    2. Avoid hugging, shaking hands, high fives, etc.
    3. Avoid sharing equipment and chairs.
    4. Disinfect surfaces such as, but not limited to, tables at rings, tables for taking entries, and pens.
    5. Paperwork, ribbons, and prizes should be handled by the judge and as few people as possible.
    6. Potlucks are popular at shows but avoid potlucks until outbreak is over.
    7. Affiliates must have hand sanitizer available for stewards, entry clerks, and judges.
    8. Affiliates should have a plastic container available where competitors can return flat ribbons and rosettes if they so desire. Do not reuse ribbons for at least 21 days.
ASCA will continue to monitor the situation and may change its policies or extend the time frame beyond April 15th if necessary. Stay safe!


Liz Busquets
ASCA President