DNA Committee

Fellow ASCA Members,
The ASCA Board of Directors would like to inform you that during their April 2nd meeting, the Board decided to disband the DNA Committee. The committee has been inactive for a few months and we’re not certain whether we will have any work for the committee once the switch to Paw Print Genetics is complete. If the need arises again, the Board will be able to reactivate the committee and call for new members. There are still several changes that need to be made to the DNA program section of the Policy Book, but the Board will add this task to its regular workload and will get it done before September 1st.

We thank everyone who has served on the DNA Committee in the past few years. It is in great part because of your hard work that ASCA is now in a position to move forward with the DNA Program in a way that our registry remains protected and accurate.

Thank you!

Kalla Jaco