Dog Registration

The registry office must receive your original Individual Dog Registration Applications (no photocopies) no later than the Monday prior to your show or trial if you need a number before the weekend.   If you are emailing the photos to [email protected], be sure the registrar has your photos prior to the arrival of your application, and that the emailed photos contain the registered name of your dog and the name of the primary owner for ease of matching your photos with your application when it arrives.   Throughout the spring and summer, the registry office is inundated with dog registrations for shows and trials.   The expedite service is only for litters, and is only posted on the litter application for that reason.   If anyone would like a copy of their registration certificate emailed to them when completed, they can include a note, but they can also go online and see the dog’s info in their online account once it has been registered, which normally takes 2-4 business days from the day the office receives the application.   This does not account for the registrar’s sick days, vacation days, or office holidays, so the earlier you submit, the better.


Thanks a bunch!



Sarah Jackson

Registrar/Assistant Manager