February Meeting of the Board


This month’s teleconference meeting of the ASCA Board of Directors is scheduled for Thursday, February 13 at 6:00 pm CST.


1. Treasurer’s Report – This report is compiled to present to the Treasurer and the Board ASCA’s current fiscal condition and projections for the future. This report is a confidential document and shall not be distributed electronically without alteration.
2. Registration Request – The Board will consider a member request regarding a dog’s registration.
3. Disqualified Dog Reinstatement Request – The Board will consider a request for a disqualified dog to begin the reinstatement process.
4. Vacancy on the Board – The Board will vote to fill the vacancy created when Linda Gray resigned from the Board in January.

5. Last Month’s Email Business – Due to the requirements of Washington State Law, all legal business of ASCA must be conducted via face-to-face meetings or telephone conference call meetings. To meet this requirement and continue to conduct business via e-mail, each face-to-face meeting or conference call meeting includes a motion to ratify all business conducted via e-mail since the last face-to-face meeting or conference call meeting.
6. System Liaison’s Report – The Board’s Liaison to the System Liaison will report on the ongoing progress of the computer system upgrade.
7. New System Liaison and Board Liaison – The Board must appoint the System Liaison and a new Liaison to the System Liaison.
8. Contract with Parentage Verification Lab – The Board must vote on ASCA’s contract with Paw Print Genetics, as negotiated by President Busquets and Counsel.
9. Affiliate Region Request – The Board will consider a request from an Affiliate Club to change Affiliate regions.
10. ASCA Rally Mobile App – Concerns have been raised regarding the accuracy of a mobile app for ASCA Rally that is currently available for download.
11. Affiliate-Hosted Pre-Shows at Nationals – The Board will vote on a recommendation from the Nationals Advisory Committee to detail the method for choosing Affiliates to host pre-shows at the National Specialty.

This agenda is not final and discussion topics may be added until two days before the meeting.

A recording of the open session of this meeting will be available on the ASCA Website shortly after the meeting’s conclusion.

Take care,

Kalla Jaco
Executive Secretary, Australian Shepherd Club of America
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