Frozen Semen from Deceased Dogs

Fellow ASCA Members,

Last year, when the change from Therion to Paw Print Genetics was announced, the Board received several inquiries about what could be done about deceased dogs from which only very few pellets or straws were left in frozen storage. As I explained in previous messages, the Board sent a directive to the DNA Committee to study this problem. One of the things that the Board wished the DNA Committee to do was to collect the information from owners who have frozen semen from deceased dog so that we can find out how serious the problem is and try to find alternatives. The time to put this into action was finally arrived.

The DNA Committee Chair, Gina Larson (, will be compiling this information so that it can be then passed on to the Board and we can assess how many owners are in this situation. If you have frozen semen collected from deceased dog(s), please send her the following information: Name of owner, contact information, registered name of the dog(s), and ASCA registration number. If you recall if the sample sent to Therion was a blood card or a blood sample, please add that information as well. If you have any questions, please contact the DNA Committee Chair.

Liz Busquets
ASCA President