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Meet the business office staff.

Ray Fryar
Office Manager
Ray Fryar is the office manager for the Australian Shepherd Club of America in Bryan, Texas and works closely with Aussie Rescue. Ray enjoys trialing in the ASCA stock and rally venues, while his wife participates in agility. In the stock arena, Ray has titled multiple dogs in the last two years. In addition, the Aussies contribute with daily chores and a biannual longhorn health roundup. Ray graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Development and an emphasis in business management . He was the president of the Aggie Wrangler's dance team and still enjoys dancing with his wife and friends. While working as a logistics technician at TEEX, Ray was trained in the department of weapons of mass destruction, hazardous materials and created teaching scenarios for the METI Human Patient Simulator. Ray remains an avid Aggie football fan and lives in Bryan, Texas with his wife Katrina and daughter Annika.
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Sarah Jackson
Assistant Manager - Registrar
Growing up, I always had a deep love for animals. I was the kid who brought home every stray puppy or kitty I happened upon, and didn't understand the concept that cats don't like hugs. That being the case, I grew a little fonder of dogs than I did cats, as I was often the subject of some very unfortunate misunderstandings between myself and my beloved kitties. All throughout high school I wanted to work at ASCA because I had friends who did and I would hear some of the most interesting stories. I basically begged to be hired after I graduated and began working for ASCA in February of 2005 as the Receptionist and Membership Coordinator. In this position, I had to learn a great deal about ASCA and how the business was run in general since I was the one being asked all of the random questions. My time there taught me a great deal about many different aspects of the organization. I probably absorbed more information in that short time than all of my 9 years put together. In the summer of 2005, the office went through quite the upheaval and there were only 3 employees left when the dust settled, including me. I became the Agility Coordinator that summer. The only thing anyone knew how to do was enter Q's and the office had about a 3-month back log. Learning every other aspect of Agility on my own was incredibly challenging, along with getting everything up to date. I utilized the rulebook heavily, and the Agility Chairperson, Sue Graham, became my best work friend. I was Agility Coordinator for 6 years, which I enjoyed immensely, but decided it was time to move on when I was approached to run the Registry office. In October of 2011, I took over the Registry office and the following June, was also promoted to Assistant Manager. The registry office is much crazier than I ever knew it would be. It's a constant flow, so it keeps me on my toes and there have been times I thought I completely lost my mind. However, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs as well. I love hearing that I've made someone's day. It's that sort of thing that keeps me ticking. I believe that success is happiness, which I am overwhelmed with every day that I wake up to come here to serve our members, along with some of the smartest, most hard-working canines in the animal kingdom. There have been plenty of ups and downs, but staying dedicated to ASCA has turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I have watched this organization grow and thrive and it has been an incredible journey from where it was 9 years ago. I can't imagine being so fulfilled doing anything else.
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Misty Ryan
Conformation, Jr and Obedience
I began working for ASCA in December of 2012, I was referred by a good friend of mine, I am thankful I applied and was given the opportunity. I am a Bryan, Texas native, I love it here, it's not too big or too small, it's a perfect place to live and raise my children. I graduated from Bryan High School and Hammond-Oliver Health Sciences Academy, Class of 2003. I have also completed the Certified Nursing Assistant program at Blinn College. I am a mother of two, I have a daughter named Faith, she is 11 years old and started her first year of Junior High this year and my son Kaden is 7 years old and is in first grade.

Our little family has one pet, he is a guinea pig and my children named him Thunder. He acquired his name, due to the fact that when we purchased him it was raining and thundering outside. He does have quite a personality; he enjoys sitting on our enclosed porch and eating! When my daughter walks anywhere near his cage he goes bananas for her attention. Anytime he hears the cabinet door open or close, that houses his food he squeaks with joy!! He is a bit of character and entertainer for my kiddos.

As for my duties here with the ASCA business office, I calculate and enter points for Conformation, I also enter in Obedience scores and Junior points, as well. I am responsible for sanctioning and mailing judge's books to the respected host clubs and providing judges and juniors with required rulebooks. I recently was able to add affiliate club renewals, to my yearly agenda. I find my responsibilities rewarding and I love being in an environment where I am around wonderful, caring and helpful coworkers. I enjoy being able to connect with individuals here in the United States, as well as around the world. One highlight this year, was being able to attend one day of Nationals, while it was being held here in Bryan, Texas. It was nice to be able to watch the other venues, such as Stock and Agility, but also to watch Conformation as well. I loved being able to meet individuals in person, that I have gotten to know over the years by phone. It really a pleasure to know I am a part of ASCA and the many members who make my job so rewarding.

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Heidi Mobley
In 1985 I decided to purchase my first dog on my own. I was all set and knew exactly what I wanted. With money in hand, I went to the local pet store to find my Siberian Husky. I was so excited to meet my new friend, but when I arrived I was informed they didn't have any. I was extremely disappointed, but when I looked around I notice they did however have this blue-eyed dog called an Australian Shepherd. I never heard of the breed but as this gentle soul looked out at me through those cage bars, I knew she had to go home with me. Brandy introduced me to the great world of Australian Shepherds. She was true to the standard, reserved with strangers, very smart, attentive, and unusually agile. She was a wonderful dog whose talents have guided me through the years. I have always tried to remember what Brandy was like when breeding; my intelligent, biddable, little girl. Throughout the years, I have participated in almost all aspects of the breed. I've competed in all areas except tracking, and was active with Aussie Rescue for many years. I am currently a Senior Breeder judge and very active in local and national events. In my personal life, I am married to a wonderful man, Scott Mobley. Scott also loves dogs, and is currently working and trialing a few of our own dogs. In addition to our mutual love for animals, we have been blessed with two great children. Wesley is currently attending college and enjoying the bachelor life, while Mackenzie has shown the same level of interest in dogs as her parents. She is very active in conformation and together we have HOF Kennel Western Hills. When ASCA developed their own site, my company helped with the design. Then the job for a webmaster was created at ASCA, and I applied. I have since been working for ASCA for over 10 years now. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to merge my knowledge and love of photography and Australian Shepherd into a job I really enjoy. I have continued to grow with the position and am thrilled that over the years the board and office manager have allowed me to bring some of my ideas, like the AussEnews, to life.
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