Current Motions

Motions currently under consideration of the Board of Directors will be posted to this page by the 11th of every month. Feedback on any motion should be directed to for distribution to the Board.
Motions brought before the Board for discussion and vote must be done so in accordance with ASCA’s Policies and Procedures. All motions are sent to the Executive Secretary for distribution to the Board and the membership (except confidential or sensitive issues). Motions are made between the 1st and the 10th of each month. The comment period extends until the 19th of the month. Voting begins on the 20th (or first business day thereafter) of each month and ends five business days later, with results distributed immediately.
Each year, from December 20 through January 2, the Board of Directors observes the holiday season. During this period all requests for comments and votes on all non-emergency issues will be delayed until the next voting cycle. The December voting period will be adjusted each year to have the voting cycle end on December 20th (or earlier if the 20th falls on a weekend). The January motion cycle will start the first business day after January 2nd.
Kalla E. Jaco
Executive Secretary |