Current Judges Directory.

Listed below are judges working through the judging process. All names must remain on this web page for one year. The start of the one-year status is the date after the name. If you have any comments or questions please contact Kalla Jaco, Executive Secretary.



Tammy Gaboury-Csicsila (Washington) (July 2017)
Julie Ostberg (Wisconsin) (September 2017)
Jennifer McKervey (Utah) (November 2017)
Myrjam Langen (Germany) (March 2018)
Lynda Peppel (California) (May 2018)
Kimberly Gorman (Minnesota) (July 2018)
Heather Borde-Oslie (Wisconsin) (July 2018)
Melanie Kreutzkam (Germany) (July 2018)
Mandy Kreutzkam (Germany) (July 2018)