Interested in joining an ASCA committee?

Are you interested in joining one of ASCA’s many active committees? You can view the full listing of committees and current members here:
***The Board is currently seeking to fill a vacancy on the Stockdog Committee. The position is for a judge from any region.***
Members interested in serving on an ASCA committee should submit their resume to me (the Executive Secretary [email protected]) by the first day in April each year. Resumes may be submitted at any time and will be retained on file for a year. Members who are still interested in serving on a Committee may update their resume at any time or by the first day in April each year.
Member resumes should provide sufficient detail regarding how their knowledge/skills would be valuable to the Committee they are applying to serve.
The Board may fill Committee vacancies that arise during the year with the Member resumes currently on file.
Thank you,
Kalla E. Jaco
Executive Secretary | [email protected]