June Board of Directors Teleconference Meeting

This month’s teleconference meeting of the ASCA Board of Directors is scheduled for Thursday, June 14 at 6:00 pm Central Time.
The following items will be discussed:
Open Session:
1. Ratify May email business: The Board will vote to ratify all business conducted over email in May.
2. System Upgrade (Vest): Vest will report on the ongoing progress of the system upgrade.
3. Stockdog Committee response to BD.18.28 Revised Stockdog Judge Applicant Procedure (Roberts): The Board will discuss the Stockdog Committee’s response to the Board’s request for input on lowering the number of stock used for Stockdog Finals to 80.
Executive Session:
4. May Treasurer’s Report (Roberts): Roberts will present the Treasurer’s Report for May to the Board for approval. *This item is in ES because the Treasurer’s Report is confidential.
5. System Upgrade Committee (Vest): Vest will bring forward a candidate’s resume for review by the Board. *This item is in ES because the Board will be discussing an individual’s application.
This agenda is not final and items may be added by Directors until two days before the meeting.
A recording of the open session of this meeting will be available shortly after the meeting’s conclusion.
Kalla E. Jaco