Message from President Regarding Samples Sent to Paw Prints Genetics

Fellow ASCA Members,

In order to facilitate the processing of samples by Paw Print Genetics, it is necessary that members be aware of the process by which samples will be sent to PPG. The process for PPG is and will continue to be different from the current process with Therion. Members who wish to submit samples for parentage verification must order the kit directly from PPG. When members send the samples back to PPG, the samples must be accompanied by the PPG authorization form that is available on both ASCA and PPG’s websites. This will ensure that PPG identifies the samples as ASCA samples and that members are giving authorization for ASCA to obtain the pertinent parent verification information.

Members who already started transitioning dogs or sent samples to PPG as part of a multi sire litter before the form became available must fill the form and mail it to PPG with a note that states that the sample and profile are already in PPG’s possession. That way, those dogs will also be included in the ASCA database.

As a reminder, until September 1, 2020, PPG is only processing samples from multi sire litters involving closely related sires and dogs already profiled by Therion, but whose owners wish to start transitioning to the new markers. Therion will be processing all other samples until then and the deadline for samples to reach Therion is August 22, 2020.

Paw Prints Genetics Authorization Form

Liz Busquets
ASCA President