Newly Elected Board Members


Please join me in congratulating your newly elected Directors: Liz Busquets, Denise Creelman, and Carol Gerken.

Liz and Denise are returning for their second terms. This will be Carol’s first time serving on the Board.

Thank you to all who ran in this election. Your passion for ASCA is greatly appreciated!

Please also join me in thanking outgoing Director Rachel Vest for her tireless service to ASCA! Rachel served for the last six years on the Board and has an incomparable work ethic. As 2nd Vice President she helped guide ASCA’s Strategic Plan and as Board System Liaison she oversaw ASCA’s ongoing computer system work. She will stay on as a voting Board member until the fall, when she will be greatly missed.

Here is the 2020-2021 ASCA Board of Directors:

Terms expiring in 2021: Judy Boone, Rick Gann, Gina Larson

Terms expiring in 2022: Warren Evans, Jean Roberts*, Jan Wesen

Terms expiring in 2023: Lizette Busquets*, Denise Creelman*, Carol Gerken

*Must take a year off, according to Bylaws Article 7 Section 5.

Here are the numbers related to this year’s election:

There were 6,270 ballots presumed received (6,345 total mailed – 75 returned undeliverable).

(Compared to 6,404 in 2019)

Total valid paper ballots cast: 424

Total valid web ballots cast: 611

Total ballots cast: 1,035

(Compared to 530 / 460 / 990 total in 2019)

Liz Busquets received 784 votes

Denise Creelman received 730 votes

Carol Gerken received 598 votes

Cindy King received 506 votes

This year 16.5% of the ballots were returned, compared to 15.5% in 2019, 18% in 2018, 24.6% in 2017, 19.3% in 2016, 15.9% in 2015, and 18.3% in 2014.

Take care, and stay safe,


Kalla Jaco
Executive Secretary, Australian Shepherd Club of America
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