Obedience Committee News

Mission Statement: To maintain a highly regarded competitive obedience program that encourages human-canine teamwork and showcases the Australian Shepherd’s natural intelligence.

About the Obedience Committee

The Obedience Committee is composed of experienced, informed people devoted to the sport of obedience, especially as it relates to ASCA. This committee strives to make ASCA Obedience flourish by:

  1. Showcasing the Australian Shepherd as a useful companion to humans
  2. Clarifying rules
  3. Writing guidelines to help judges, stewards, secretaries and competitors
  4. Developing new classes
  5. Designing online educational resources
  6. Presenting seminars at Nationals
  7. Responding to questions and requests from the ASCA obedience community
  8. Creating safer options to exercises, and
  9. Promoting obedience.


Obedience Committee
Liaison: Liz Busquets – hist815@gmail.com
Chair: Katie van de Sandt* – mcvansaussies@gmail.com
Region 1: Jan Wesen* (2019)
Region 2: Laurie Rubin* (2019)
Region 3: Marilyn Cherry (2020)
Region 4: Beth MacLehose (2019)
Region 5: Rosalind Hall* (2020), Sandy Walroth* (2020), Pat Pierce* (2020)
Region 6:
Region 7: Guenter Geisel* (2020), Marianne Kunzmann (2019)

If you have suggestions for the ASCA Obedience Program, please contact a Obedience Committee member and they will be happy to take your suggestion to the committee.  The Obedience Chair can be reached at Laurie Rubin.

For information about serving on the Obedience Committee please contact the  Executive Secretary .