OBIS Education

Allowing Bitches in Season to Compete in Obedience

Items for a club to take into consideration

Note– On a temporary trial basis starting in June 2017, ASCA clubs putting on obedience trials have the option of allowing Bitches in Season to compete, following the same rules as the Nationals obedience trial.  See Section 1.13 Disturbances.  Most  (non-ASCA) European obedience trials currently allow Bitches in Season to compete.  The trial period will give ASCA clubs on both continents a chance to see if this option will work for them.  When allowing obedience bitches in season (OBIS), clubs must be diligent in planning for them.   Some trial venues lend themselves more easily to accommodating the OBIS, while some trial venues will not be appropriate.   Here are some actions your club could take that will make it safer for all involved and may help intact dog owners feel more comfortable.

When a club decides to allow OBIS to enter their trial, the following items should be taken into consideration. A* indicates a requirement.

*Premium— This information must be clearly stated on the premium list. Make sure

it is visible so that all who consider entering will see it and can make the decision as to their entry.  Section 1.1.3 Premium:

  1. If allowing bitches in season, the prominent statement: Bitches in season permitted. They must be crated at least 50’ from obedience ring, wear pants and run last after all obedience judging is finished.
  2. If allowing bitches in season, details on which trial/s allow them when there are two trials in one day.

Multiple Trials— If the club is putting on multiple trials in a day or weekend, the OBIS option can apply to some, all or none of the trials.  Some clubs may want to allow the OBIS option only at the final trial of the series.

Notice— In the premium or via a confirmation email, you may want to request that handlers of OBIS notify the Show/Trial Secretary as soon as possible of the possibility or certainty of their bitch coming into season before the trial.

*Space–Is there sufficient space for the OBIS to walk to and from their crate to the ring and potty area leaving some distance from the other dogs?  Ensure that the safety of all is taken into consideration when setting the aisles and crating area.  Allow space for safe movement to and from the ring.

*Crating— During the trial, all OBIS must be crated (no ex-pens) at least 50 feet from all obedience rings.  If there isn’t space for this, your venue might not be appropriate.  If there is not room inside the building, alternate plans might be made.  Under some weather conditions, crating outside or from a car might work.

Potty area— Is there a space for the OBIS to potty that it at least 50 feet from the obedience rings?  If there isn’t space for this, your venue might not be appropriate.  Do you want to designate a suggested area for the OBIS, one that the intact dog owners will have a chance to avoid?

*Pants-– OBIS must wear pants inside the obedience ring.   The bitches must be wearing pants as they approach and leave the ring, when they are within 50 feet of the ring.

*Stays— If the class the OBIS enters includes group stays, the rest of the class will perform stays when specified by the premium.  Later after all other obedience judging is completed, the OBIS will perform stays.  Should there be more than one OBIS in any level, they may do stays together.

*Run offs— For the classes in which an OBIS is entered, any necessary placement run-offs must wait until the end of the trial after the OBIS compete/s. 

Note: The OBIS rule will be amended in June 2018 to allow clubs to offer OBIS entries for legs and scores but not placements.  If clubs choose this, it would negate these requirements for run offs, placements and high score awards.

*Placements— For the classes in which an OBIS is entered, all ribbons and placements must wait until the end of the trial after the OBIS compete/s.  This will be after all classes (Regular, Optional Titling and Non-Regular).  See Note after Run offs.

*High Score Awards— If the OBIS enter/s a Regular class considered for HIT, HC, High Score Junior or another High Score Award, then those awards cannot be determined until the end of the trial after the OBIS compete/s (stays included).   See Note after Run offs.

Feedback form and online survey— At the conclusion of your trials, the Show/Trial Secretary should complete the Bitches in Season Competing in Obedience Trial Secretary Report and return it with the other trial documents.  All club members and entrants are encouraged to complete the online OBIS survey.   This information will be used to determine whether this trial period becomes permanent or is reversed.