Paw Print Genetics Discounts

ASCA has partnered with Paw Print Genetics to bring you extra savings to celebrate our new contract with them. Save 55% off any dog with 5 or more tests, including the Australian Shepherd Essential Panel, any 5 diseases, coat color, or trait tests. Or save 50% off any single tests such as MDR1 and Merle. You can also save $5 off each DNA profile to get started with profiling your dogs with them. To maximize your savings, be sure to group dogs into orders depending on their tests. For example, group all dogs with 5 or more disease, coat color or trait tests together into one order to save 55% off. Then group all dogs with 1-4 single tests into a second-order to save 50%. Finally, group all dogs needing DNA profiles into a separate order to save $5 off each profile. Be sure to add code ASCAVHC to your orders to get the discounts. This code will be valid from September 1, 2020 through September 22, 2020 midnight Pacific. You can place your orders online at or call them, toll-free (US & Canada) 1-855-202-4889 or direct at 509-483-5950. Be sure to add code ASCAVHC to your orders to receive this special pricing. Code is not valid on parentage verification or Clear by Parentage certificates.