Seeking 2021 Nationals Entry Clerk



ASCA is seeking to hire a qualified individual to be the Entry Clerk for the 2021 ASCA National Specialty in Bryan, Texas (October 29 – November 6, 2021).


The Entry Clerk will receive and process all entries for the Nationals, in addition to all RV space, stall rentals, vendor space reservations, and other entry-related information associated with the Nationals Submission Form and provide that information to the appropriate chairs. All reports will be provided via email to the show chair(s) as needed. All business cards and ads received with entries will be sent to the appropriate chair. The Entry Clerk will also process all cancelled entries. See below for an extended list of duties. This will be a contracted position, and final duties will be outlined in the contract.

Applicant Skills and Qualifications: excellent time management; effective and timely communication with entrants; exceptional customer service; word processing; data entry; excellent organization; attention to detail; confidentiality; general knowledge of ASCA programs and program rules.

Job Duties:

1. Make timely and accurate deposits to the Nationals Chase Bank account. Immediately post all deposit amounts (made personally or via credit card) to designated Nationals spreadsheet.

2. Before entry opening date, work with Entry Software Provider to set up and initialize the entry software (make necessary updates) and provide Nationals Chairman with payment instructions

3. Before entry opening date, work with Nationals Chairman to develop confirmation letter to be sent to all entrants and provide to Entry Software Provider

4. Before entry opening date, purchase, at ASCA’s cost, all necessary office products including, but not limited to: file folders, folder labels, file boxes, copy paper, labels for welcome packets and armbands.

5. Receive all entries for Nationals.

6. Process all entries in a timely manner, which includes verifying information (on ASCA Website or with entrants) and making the necessary changes

7. Answer entrant questions, or quickly find answers by contacting the appropriate person.

8. Log and file each entry by owner/handler’s name.

9. Develop email contact list.

10. Copy and forward pertinent information (such as sponsorship requests, parade bios, worker and vendor forms) to appropriate chairpersons.

a. Provide regular reports to Agility Trial Secretary and Agility Entry Clerk

b. Provide Tracking Chair with entries for the draw

c. Provide Rosette Chair with counts for accurate rosette ordering

11. Log all reservations including, but not limited to: Welcome Reception tickets, Nationals Banquet tickets, Nationals catalog sales, advertisements, RV spaces, grooming spaces

12. Hold cleaning deposit checks separately

13. Keep track of all write-ups/bios for Parades of Rescue/Titleholders/Veterans, Most Versatile Junior, and 500 Club Parade

14. Keep track of all volunteer slips and provide appropriate Chairs with volunteer lists

15. Send confirmation email to each entrant as their packet is completed

16. Work with ASCA Business Office to process all Finals entries

17. Coordinate and confirm eligible refunds

18. After entry closing date, provide all reports to appropriate Chairs

19. After entry closing date, arrange for ordering of armbands

20. Ensure that entry files are available at Nationals (personal transport or via post)

21. During Nationals, be available to check-in entrants and answer entry-related questions

22. After Nationals, provide all entry forms to ASCA Business Office

23. After Nationals, acquire results from appropriate Chairs; log results; provide results to ASCA Business Office, ASCA Webmaster, Aussie Times Editor (along with win shots), and any members who requested them

24. After Nationals, coordinate with Nationals Photographer to provide win shots to ASCA Webmaster and Aussie Times Editor

25. After Nationals, mail Nationals Catalogs (with complete results) to any members who purchased them

Pay: ASCA will pay $1.25 per entry fee, i.e.: 1 dog entered in 4 agility classes, 1 conformation, 3 stock = $10.00. RV, stalls, grooming spaces, results, etc. are not extra. ASCA will also pay $1.25 per cancelled entry fee. A $1500 deposit will be paid when entries open, and the balance will be paid in two payments, one within two weeks after the close of entries, the remainder when results are submitted to the Business Office. Travel to and from the Nationals will be paid, as well as meals and hotel or RV for the nights the Entry Clerk works Nationals.

If you are interested in being the 2021 Nationals Entry Clerk, please send your resume to by September 1, 2020, for consideration.



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