Past Winners

2015 Shelbyville Tennessee

Award Winner Owner
HIT ATCH-IV Summit Dog Judi Schachte
HIT Veteran ATCH-V Imagineer’s get over it Nancy Baker
HIT Jr Alexis Reidy
HIT Elite ATCH-IV Summit Dog Judi Schachte
HIT Open Western Hills Shake It Up GS-O-SP JS-O-OP RS-O Pam Smith
HIT Novice Shorelands Mystique in Black Rebecca popham
Award Winner Owner
Standard ATCH H&M’s Breaking and Entering GS-E-SP JS-E-SP Holly Press
Veteran ATCH Lakehills Blazin Booker T JS-E-SP RV-E-SP Judi Schachte
Jr Melina Wise
Award Winner Owner
BOB CH Sazbrat Enamoured Donalee Mcelarth
BOS CH Ragtime Surefire Entourage! DNA-CP Summer Jewel Fuls
WD/BOW Impact’s Man On The Moon Judy vanDerSteen
WB Stormridge’s Curtain Call Kelly Sweeney
A-BOB WTCH CH Chances’R Chance of a Lifetime Dawna and Megan Sims
A-BOS Olde Bays Wind Beneath My Wings STDcs CD OTDd GV-E JV-E-SP RV-E REX RM DNA-VP Margaret Mutryn Mac Giffert
A-WD Northbay’s Biscuits and Gerty Jodi Noble
A-WB/BOW Majestic Spukhafte Fernwirkung CD GS-O JS-O RS-N RE Jackie oricko
Best Veteran Ch Copperridge Fire N Bayouland DNA-CP Yvette LeBlanc
Stud Dog HOF CH Hearthside’s Standing Ovation DNA-VP Keli Gaunt
Brood Bitch HOF CH sUNFIRS’S Up Past Midnight STDds JS-N DNA-CP Laura Clayton
BOB Puppy Stormridge’s Burning Down The House Kelly Sweeney
BOS PUPPY Carolina Calais Fly With Me Kathy Reeve