DNA Committee News

Mission Statement: The goal of the ASCA DNA Committee is to support, maintain, and advance the ASCA DNA program thereby ensuring the integrity of the ASCA registry.

DNA Committee
Liaison: Rick Gann – rgann.asca@gmail.com
Region 1: Carol Gerken
Region 2: Carol McLaughlin
Region 3:
Region 4:
Region 5: Cathy Kenny
Region 6:
Region 7:

To be involved with the DNA committee please send your resume to the ASCA Executive Secretary: asca.execsec@gmail.com

All Breeding Sires & Dams MUST be DNA profiled

Effective January 1, 2011, all sire and dames must be DNA profiled with an ASCA approved lab prior to registration of their first litter.

DNA blood cards, tubes and swabs are available from the ASCA Business office. To order your by visiting the DNA Forms.